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Schedule of Pet Deposits

Deposit Schedule
(One Time Deposit is required for each pet at the time of registration)

Fee - $150.00
Deposit - $250.00

Fee - $100.00
Deposit - $150.00

Fish Aquarium
Fee - $50.00
Deposit - $100.00

Fishbowl (Requires no power and no larger than two gallons)
Fee - $0
Deposit - $25.00

Fee - $0
Deposit - $25.00

Caged Pets
Fee - $100.00
Deposit - $150.00

  • FAHA reserves the right to change or increase the required deposit by amendment to these rules.

  • FAHA will refund the Pet Deposit to the tenant, less any damage caused by the pet to the dwelling unit, upon removal of the pet or the owner from the unit.

  • FAHA will return the Pet Deposit to the former tenant or to the person designated by the former tenant in the event of the former tenant's incapacitation or death.

  • FAHA will provide the tenant or designee identified above with a written list of any charges against the pet deposit. If the tenant disagrees with the amount charged to the pet deposit, FAHA will provide a meeting to discuss the charges.

All reasonable expenses incurred by FAHA as a result of damages directly attributable to the presence of the pet in the project will be the responsibility of the resident, including:

  • The cost of repairs and replacements to the resident's dwelling unit; o Fumigation of the dwelling unit;

  • Common areas of the project.

Pet Deposits are not a part of rent payable by the resident.

Any damage to the apartment, building, grounds, flooring, walls, trim, finishes, tiles, carpeting, or stains thereon, will be the full responsibility of the resident and the resident agrees to pay any costs involved in restoring the apartment to its original condition.

If FAHA finds a residual odor problem left in the apartment, the resident agrees to pay for the cost of any and all materials or chemicals needed to repair to remove the odor. If odor removal fails, the resident agrees to pay for replacement of carpeting, padding, wallboard, baseboard, etc., as is deemed necessary. The resident also agrees to abide by management's decision as to what is necessary.

It will be a serious violation of the lease for any resident to have a pet without proper approval and without having complied with the terms of this policy. Such violation FAHA be considered to be a violation of the lease (a serious violation) and the FAHA will issue a termination notice in accordance with of the dwelling lease. The resident pet owner will be entitled to a grievance hearing in accordance with the provisions of the dwelling lease.