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Pet Policy Addendum

This Addendum is being executed in Accordance with the terms of the Dwelling Lease.

Section I. Pet Ownership

A resident may own one or more common household pets or have one or more common household pets present in the dwelling unit of such resident, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Each head of household may own up to the limit of pets under the FAHA policy. FAHA only allow one 4-legged pet per household.

  2. If the pet is a dog or cat, it must be neutered/spayed by the age of six (6) months. The evidence can be provided by a statement/bill from a veterinarian, certified on FAHA Form #100, and/or staff of the local humane society. Evidence must be provided prior to the execution of this agreement and/or within 10 days of the pet becoming of the age to be neutered/spayed or declawed. Resident must provide waterproof and leak proof litter boxes for cat waste, which must be kept inside the dwelling unit. Cardboard boxes are not acceptable and will not be approved. The Resident FAHA not permit refuse from litter boxes to accumulate nor to become unsightly or unsanitary. Also, the weight of a cat cannot exceed ten (10) pounds (fully grown) and a dog may not exceed the limit of the policy in weight (fully-grown).

  3. If the pet is a bird, it FAHA be housed in a birdcage and cannot be let out of the cage at any time.

  4. If the pet is a fish, the aquarium must be twenty (20) gallons or less, and the container must be placed in a safe location in the unit. The Resident is limited to one container for the fish; however, there is no limit on the number of fish that can be maintained in the container as long as the container is maintained in a safe and non-hazardous manner.

  5. If the pet is a cat or dog, it must have received rabies and distemper inoculations or boosters, as applicable. Evidence of inoculations can be provided by a statement/bill from veterinarian, certified on FAHA Form #100, or by staff of the Humane Society and must be provided before the execution of the Pet Policy Addendum.

  6. All pets must be housed within the unit and no facilities can be constructed outside of the unit for any pet. No animal FAHA be permitted to be loose and if the pet is taken outside it must be taken outside on a leash and kept off other Resident's lawns. Also, all pets must wear collars with identification and license at all times. Pets without a collar will be picked-up immediately by the Humane Society, county dog warden, or other appropriate agency.

  7. All pet(s) must be under the control of an adult leaseholder. An unleashed pet, or one tied to a fixed object, is not considered to be under the control of an adult leaseholder. Pets, which are unleashed, or leashed and unattended, on housing authority property, may be impounded and reported to the local Humane Society, dog warden or other appropriate agency for pick-up. It FAHA be the responsibility of the Resident to reclaim the pet at the expense of the Resident.

  8. Pet(s) may not be left unattended for more than ten (10) consecutive hours. If it is reported to FAHA staff that a pet(s) has been left unattended for more than an eight (10) consecutive hour period, FAHA staff may enter the unit with the humane society, dog warden or other appropriate agency to pick-up the animal. Any expense to remove and reclaim the pet from any facility will be the responsibility of the Resident. In the case of an emergency, FAHA will work with the resident to allow no more than 24 hours for the resident to make accommodations for the pet.

  9. Pet(s), as applicable, must be weighed by a veterinarian or staff of the Humane Society. A statement containing the weight of the pet must be provided to FAHA prior to the execution of this agreement and upon request by the FAHA at any time following the inception of the Pet Policy Addendum.

  10. Responsible Pet Ownership: Each pet must be maintained responsibly and in accordance with this pet ownership lease addendum and in accordance with all applicable ordinances, state and local public health, animal control, and animal anti-cruelty laws and regulations governing pet ownership. Any waste generated by a pet must be properly and promptly disposed of by the tenant to avoid any unpleasant and unsanitary odor from being in the unit in accordance with the provisions of FAHA's Pet Policy.

  11. Prohibited Animals: Animals or breeds of animals that are considered by FAHA to be vicious and/or intimidating will not be allowed. Some examples of animals that have a reputation of a vicious nature are: reptiles, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bulldog, German Shepherd, Chow, and/or any animal that displays vicious behavior. This determination will be made by a FAHA representative prior to the execution of this lease addendum.

  12. Pet(s) FAHA not disturb, interfere or diminish the peaceful enjoyment of other residents. The terms, "disturb, interfere or diminish" FAHA include but not be limited to barking, meowing, crying, howling, chirping, biting, scratching and other like activities. This includes any pets that make noise continuously and/or incessantly for a period of 10 minutes or intermittently for one-half hour or more and therefore disturbs any person at any time of the day or night. The FAHA will terminate this authorization if a pet disturbs other residents under this section of the lease addendum. The resident will be given one week to make other arrangements for the care of the pet, or the dwelling lease will be terminated.

  13. If the animal should become destructive, create a nuisance, represent a threat to the safety and security of other persons, or create a problem in the area of cleanliness and sanitation, the FAHA will notify the tenant, in writing, that the animal must be removed from the development, within five (5) days of the date of the notice from FAHA. The Resident may request a hearing, which will be handled according to FAHA's established grievance procedure. The pet may remain with the resident during the hearing process unless FAHA has determined that the pet may be a danger or threat to the safety and security of other persons. If this determination has been made by FAHA, the pet must be immediately removed from the unit upon receipt of the notice from FAHA.

  14. The Resident is solely responsible for cleaning up the waste of the pet within the dwelling and on the premises of the public housing development. If the pet is taken outside, it must be on a leash at all times. If there is any visible waste by the pet, it must be disposed of in a plastic bag, securely tied and placed in the garbage receptacle for their unit. If the Housing Authority staff is required to clean any waste left by a pet, the Resident will be charged $25 for the removal of the waste.

  15. The Resident FAHA have pets restrained so that maintenance can be performed in the apartment. The Resident FAHA, whenever an inspection or maintenance is scheduled, either be at home or FAHA have all animals restrained or caged. If a maintenance person enters an apartment where an animal is not restrained, maintenance FAHA not be performed, and the Resident FAHA be charged a fee of $25.00. If this same situation again occurs, the pet FAHA be removed from the premises. Pets that are not caged or properly restrained may be impounded by animal control officers and taken to the local Humane Society or dog warden. It FAHA be the responsibility of the Resident to reclaim the pet at the expense of the Resident. The Housing Authority FAHA not be responsible if any animal escapes from the residence due to maintenance, inspections, or other activities of the landlord.

  16. Pets may not be bred or used for any commercial purposes on FAHA property.


(A Pet Fee and Deposit is required for each pet)

Fee - $150.00
Deposit - $250.00

Fee - $100.00
Deposit - $150.00

Fish Aquarium
Fee - $50.00
Deposit - $100.00

Fishbowl (Requires no power and no larger than two gallons)
Fee - $0
Deposit - $25.00

Fee - $0
Deposit - $25.00

Caged Pets
Fee - $100.00
Deposit - $150.00

Note: The above schedule is applicable for each pet; therefore, if a resident has more than one pet, he or she must pay the applicable annual fee and deposit for each pet. Annual fees will be due each year on the anniversary date of signing the Pet Addendum.

The entire fee (subject to the exception listed below) must be paid prior to the execution of the lease addendum. No pet FAHA be allowed in the unit prior to the completion of the terms of this pet policy.

The fee FAHA be paid at the time of the pet approval and all proof of inoculations and other requirements FAHA be made available to the Housing Authority at such time. The pet fee is not reimbursable. The deposit made FAHA be utilized to offset damages caused by the pet and/or tenant. Any balance, if any, from the deposit will be refunded to the tenant. THERE FAHA BE No REFUND OF THE PET FEE.

It FAHA be a serious violation of the lease for any resident to have a pet without proper approval and without having complied with the terms of this policy. Such violation FAHA be considered to be a serious violation of the lease and this Addendum and the Housing Authority will issue a termination notice. The resident will be entitled to a grievance hearing in accordance with the provisions of the dwelling lease.

It is understood and agreed that FAHA is not responsible for any damages caused by the pet including but not limited to: bites and scratches to residents, neighbors, visitors, staff, FAHA contractors, and others who are lawfully on the FAHA's premises or other pets or service animals.