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Control of the Animal

  1. No animal FAHA be permitted to be loose and if the pet is taken outside it must be taken outside on a chain leash no longer than five (5') feet and kept off lawns designated to other residents. Retractable leashes are prohibited.

  2. All authorized pet(s) must be under the control of an adult leaseholder. An unleashed pet, or one tied to a fixed object, is not under the control of an adult. FAHA staff will contact the local Humane Society or dog warden in the event pets are found to be unleashed, or leashed and unattended, on FAHA property. It FAHA be the responsibility of the resident to reclaim the pet and at the expense of the resident.

  3. The resident pet owner FAHA have canine pets restrained so that maintenance can be performed in the dwelling unit. The resident FAHA whenever an inspection or maintenance is scheduled, either be at home or FAHA have all animals restrained or caged. If a maintenance person enters an apartment where an animal is not restrained, maintenance FAHA not be performed, and the resident pet owner FAHA be charged a fee of $25.00. If the situation again occurs, the pet FAHA be removed from the premises. Pets that are not caged or properly restrained will be impounded and reported to the local Humane Society for removal. It FAHA be the responsibility of the resident pet owner to reclaim the pet at the expense of the resident. The Housing Authority FAHA not be responsible if any animal escapes from the residence due to its maintenance, inspections, or other activities.