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Prohibited Pets

  1. FAHA will forbid the following kinds of animals from being kept as pets on any of its properties: Pitbull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Chow. Doberman Pinscher or any species considered vicious, intimidating, or kept for the purpose of training for fighting or wagering of bets (i.e. roosters for "cockfighting". etc.). FAHA forbids the keeping of animals that have had their vocal cords cut, by a process commonly known as "debarking."

  2. Exotic pets or barnyard animals are prohibited. Exception may be certain species of pigs utilized as bonafide "service animals". (Snakes and reptiles are considered exotic pets.)

  3. Animals who would be allowed to produce offspring for sale.

  4. Wild animals, feral animals, and any other animals that are unamenable to routine human handling.

  5. Animals of species commonly used on farms.

  6. Non-human primates.

  7. Animals whose climatologically needs cannot be met in the unaltered environment of the individual dwelling unit.

  8. Pot-bellied pigs.

  9. Snakes, lizards, spiders, chickens.

  10. The following restrictions apply to pets, based on weight, size and inherent dangerousness, including prohibitions against the keeping of:

Common household pets shall be defined as "domesticated animals such as a dog, cat, bird, fish or turtle." Common household pets are defined as follows:

  • Bird Includes Canary, Parakeet, Finch and other species that are normally kept caged; birds of prey are not permitted.

  • Fish In tanks or aquariums, not to exceed twenty (20) gallons in capacity; poisonous or dangerous fish are not permitted.

  • Dogs Not to exceed twenty-five pounds (20 lbs.) weight, or fifteen (15) inches in height at full growth. Dogs must be spayed or neutered. Veterinarian's recommended/suggested types of dogs are as follows:

    • Chihuahua
    • Pekingese
    • Poodle
    • Schnauzer
    • Cocker Spaniel
    • Dachshund
    • Terriers


  • Cats Rodents

Exotic Pets

  • Cats must be spayed or neutered and be de-clawed and should not exceed ten pounds (10 lbs.)

  • Rodents other than hamsters, gerbils, white rats or mice are not considered common household pets. These animals must be kept in appropriate cages. (Limit 2 of the same sex)

  • At no time will the PHA approve of exotic pets, such as snakes, monkeys, game pets, etc.

Tenants must adhere to the restrictions on numbers and types of pets.