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Rodent Infestations



                                    MATTIE GILL JACKSON GARDENS
                                    DEMETRIUS NEWTON GARDENS

DATE:         October 8, 2019

FROM:         Shannon Hackett Eady
                     Executive Director

SUBJECT:   Rodent Infestations

Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority is aware of the rodent infestations that have been reported to the office, and we are working diligently to find remedies for the situation.  The housing authority will utilize black boxes at residences and will implement various measurements along the fence lines at both sites to help eliminate the infestation.  If any residents would like glue traps, please call the office and make the request.

It is imperative that the residents also work as diligently, along with us, to eliminate this problem.  We ask that all residents do their part by refraining from throwing trash out in any manner other than to properly place in the trash bins regularly, and keeping units as clean as possible, especially avoiding leaving food items out.

I cannot emphasize enough how important proper cleaning is to deter and rid units of rodents.  Rodents will return to areas where they have previously been by following their scent and the scent of their urine; so, it is imperative that areas where rodents have been observed be thoroughly cleaned with bleach or other products which will eliminate the odors. 

FAHA will scatter rodent poison around the fence lines and units; therefore, residents with a signed Pet Agreement will need to be issued a glue trap instead due to the potential that the poison could possibly make a pet ill.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that we all work together, each doing our part, to eliminate this problem.