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RFP - Cleaning Services, Deadline May 21, 2024

Fairfield Housing Authority 

Request for Proposals (RFPs)

For Cleaning Services

Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority (FAHA) will accept competitive sealed proposals for an organization, firm, and/or individual to provide Cleaning Services of its Office Buildings.

All respondents to this RFP must be familiar with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) Regulations. The deadline to submit proposals and credentials is 2:00 PM on May 21, 2024 at the address listed below.

RFP's can be obtained from the FAHA website or via email request

Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority
6704 Avenue D
Fairfield, Alabama 35064

For more information contact Mrs. Dionne Bryant at (205) 923-8017 extension 7220. FAHA reserves the right to reject any proposals. The FAHA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Contracting Agency.


Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority (FAHA) will accept competitive sealed proposals for a firm to provide cleaning services for its Central Office at 6704 Avenue D, Fairfield, Alabama 35064, and it's Secondary at 5420 Avenue F, Fairfield, Alabama 35064.

Specifically, each proposal must provide a description of how the organization, firm and/or individual will provide the following:

A. Its own expenses, employees, supplies, equipment, and machinery necessary to provide cleaning services at the FAHA; supervision and direction of its employees and payroll of those assigned to provide cleaning services at FAHA's primary and secondary offices.

B. Provision of available customer care service to answer and return call(s), within one (1) hour of the time the call was received.

C. Maintain frequent contact with FAHA to ensure that all cleaning service work is completed to the authority's satisfaction.

D. Employees assigned to provide cleaning services at FAHA must be skilled and experienced in building and cleaning operations.

E. Keep all FAHA doors, windows and other means of access locked while performing work after hours and upon completion of service.

F. Documentation of Worker's Compensation Insurance, Commercial/General Liability Insurance with a combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage of not less than $300,000 per occurrence.

G. Documentation of organizations, firm's and/or individuals' ability to provide cleaning services to the FAHA Office areas, waiting rooms, corridors, kitchens, restrooms, and any other areas specified by the Authority, within the perimeter of the buildings, five (4) days per week, Monday through Thursday as follows:

  • Disinfect and clean all bathrooms in the building daily, including sinks, toilets, mirrors, floors. There are six restrooms in the building.
  • Disinfect and clean common areas (lobby, community, conference room,
  • Clean both sides of all glass doors and side glass.
  • Dust all chairs, table legs, baseboards, ledges, moldings,
  • Dust all surfaces above normal reach including window seals.
  • Ledges moldings, shelves, door frames, pictures, and vents weekly.
  • Clean all horizontal and vertical surfaces removing fingerprints, smudges, and stains.
  • Fully vacuum all carpet areas from wall to wall.
  • Fully vacuum all carpeted traffic lane areas.
  • Use approved spotter for spot cleaning carpeted areas.
  • Empty all trash receptacles; shedders, and replace liners as necessary, but not less than weekly.
  • Dust all furniture, fixtures, equipment, accessories,
  • Dust and wipe all telephones including ear and mouth pieces.
  • Dust all window blinds and blind window seals
  • Using damp cloth dust all horizontal surfaces.
  • Damp clean interior and exterior of all microwave ovens.
  • Dust and mop all hard surface floors with treated electrostatic dust mop.
  • Mop and disinfect all floors with high traffic areas daily.
  • Buff all hard surface areas using a high-speed floor machine spray.
  • Refill dispensers, empty trash, clean and sanitize all restroom fixtures, wipe off all counter tops, clean mirrors, wipe chrome, spot wipe partitions, sweep, and damp mop floors using a germicidal cleaner.
  • Empty all sanitary waste receptacles.
  • Machine scrub all restroom floors using germicidal detergent
  • Clean and sanitize, wipe off all counter tops, sweep, and damp mop floors using a germicidal cleaner in kitchen.


The period of performance for the cleaning services will be for two (2) years beginning June 1, 2024 - May 31, 2026.

Interested proposers must respond with the following:

a. A detailed description of the provision of cleaning services, including timeframes. The detailed description must include an explanation of:

1. The methods used to provide cleaning services.
2. Thorough description of respondents proposed system of cleaning services operations.
Listing the specific deliverables the FAHA will receive.

b. Written description of proposers understanding of the required cleaning services for FAHA.

c. Written evidence of proposer's ability to perform required cleaning services at FAHA.

d. Written summary profiles of proposers' firm's principles, staff and associates who may be assigned to this project with job titles.

e. Fixed price cost estimate

f. Statement of proposer providing Equal Employment Opportunities, without regard to race, sex, color, religion, or national origin.

g. Statement of proposer demonstrating ability of firm to conform to all applicable Laws, Codes, Regulations and Executive Orders with respect to prohibitions against wage kickbacks, or rebate, rates of compensation, workplace safety and health standards and of

h. compensation, and applicable Laws set forth in the Copeland Anti-
Kickback, Davis-Bacon Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the Byrd Amendment.

Deadline to submit one (1) proposal and credentials is 2:00 PM on May 21st, 2024 at the address listed below. RFP(s) can be obtained Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at:

Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority
6704 Avenue D
Fairfield, Alabama 35064


For more information contact Mrs. Dionne Bryant, at (205) 923-8017. The Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. The Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Contracting Agency.


In order to be considered eligible to submit a proposal, each organization, firm and/or individual must submit written evidence with its proposal that it fulfills the following eligibility criteria:

a. Must have a minimum of five (5) years' experience in the cleaning service business.
b. A minimum of three (3) references with telephone numbers of housing authorities or other clients in which the organization, firm and/or individual has provided cleaning services for currently and/or in the past.
c. A certification statement that the proposer is not debarred, suspended or otherwise prohibited from professional practice by any Federal, State or Local Agency.
d. All proposers must carry, certify the following insurance policies:
1. Required Worker's Compensation.
2. General liability/professional liability of no less than $1 million; and
3. Non-owners auto insurance.


In addition to the above information, the following criteria is relative to the RFP and the proposer must address each of these factors as they will be considered when determining the contract award:

1. Assigned staff's skills and experience in providing cleaning service (25 points maximum).

2. Organizations, firm's and/or individual's experience providing cleaning services (25 points maximum).

3. Overall, responsiveness to the RFP's Scope of Services (20 points maximum).

4. Proposed schedule detailing the timeframe for completion of each task (15 points maximum).
5. Total cost of the services to be provided must be described (10 points maximum).

6. Section 3 business enterprise, minority business enterprise, and/or women owned business enterprise (5 points maximum).

7. The contract is subject to the terms and conditions of the State of Alabama, as they exist at the time the agreement is signed.

8. The contract shall be binding upon and shall ensure to the benefit of the successors and all the assigns of Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority, and to the heirs and personal representatives of the consultant.

9. The organization, individual or firm, warrants that it presently has no interest and will not acquire any interest direct or indirect, which would conflict in any manner or degree with the performance of services under this contract.

10. The award shall be made to the responsible party whose
proposal is most advantageous to Fairfield Alabama
Housing Authority taking in consideration the evaluation
factors set forth in this request for proposals.

11. Sealed proposal envelopes and/or packaging shall be clearly
marked to indicate that a proposal is enclosed.
Please identify at lower left-hand corner of package
"Cleaning Service Proposal."

12. The proposer warrants adhering to Civil Rights, Equal
Employment Opportunity, and Section 3 Regulations.

13. It shall be the responsibility of the proposer to see that the
proposal is received by Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority
by the date and time set forth and hand delivery only of the
proposals. Proposals received after the time stated will not
be considered.

14. Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority reserves the right to
accept or reject any or all proposals, which are determined to
be non-responsive.


All supplies and equipment necessary for the execution of the proposed contract will be the responsibility of the contractor.

The proposals which are received will be evaluated by a committee. All proposals will be evaluated on eligibility criteria and factors for awards previously stated above.

Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality in proposals and, unless otherwise specified by the Housing Authority or proposer, to accept any items in the proposal.


Upon execution of contract, the contractor shall submit itemized invoices by the fifth (5th) working day of each month after the first thirty (30) days of the execution of the contract.

The contractor's invoices will be processed, and payment made to the contractor in accordance with the policies and procedure of Fairfield Alabama Housing Authority.